After arrival at the Glenbrook Vintage Railway, DCP 4818 is towed from Glenbrook to its new base at Pukeoware, behind DBR 1295. The locomotive is expected to have the same duties as the DBRs after overhaul, namely mainline passenger excursions

A busy day at the Glenbrook Vintage Railway on 30 March, as the Vintage Harvest Festival, the Te Kuiti Muster excursion and a Grand Pacific Tours charter all fall on the same day. Shown here are shunt movements at Glenbrook in the morning, with DBR 1295 coming off the excursion and the arrival of DFB 7077 after the passage of train 140R. In the evening, we see the excursion depart from Pukekohe after waiting for train 143R to clear the branch line

Standard railcar RM 31 headed north from home base at Pahiatua to Auckland on 23 February 2019, for a private charter from Helensville to Mt Maunganui the day after. We follow the railcar from National Park to Pukekohe, and catch it again the following day at Takaanini

On the last day of 2018, DC 4260 ran the dairy shunts servicing the dairy factories at Waitoa and Hautapu. Here, we see the train departing Waitoa after collecting wagons and heading back to Te Rapa with a decent load for this line

Genesis Energy coal trains were recently re-introduced, to carry imported coal from Mt Maunganui to Rotowaro. Here, DL 9348 hauls empty coal train GC3 back to Mt Maunganui, with the rake of CET class coal wagons in tow

Over the two weekends prior to Christmas, Glenbrook Vintage Rail and Counties Power decorated Glenbrook station and the mainline fleet in Christmas lights for the festive season, with trains giving rides from Glenbrook to Pukeoware and return during the evening. Ww 480 provided the motive power, and the trips drew in large crowds

J 1211 marks its return to mainline rails by running the North Pole Express, a Christmas-themed excursion from Strand to Wiri and back, with several shuttle runs made over the course of the day. DC 4467 towed the empty service from the Glenbrook Vintage Railway and also provided motive power for the return trips to the Strand. Santa Claus boarded each Wiri-bound train at Orakei

Trains 200, MP8 and 334 through Paerata on a Sunday evening, along with some ADL class DMUs on Pukekohe shuttle runs

DL 9452 heads train 138 through Glenbrook to the steel mill at Mission Bush, with shunt locomotive DSC 2720 in tow

Glenbrook Vintage Railway took delivery of their latest acquisitions from KiwiRail, AO 198, ASO 110 and ASO 1, delivered by train 138 after a journey over several days from Middlemarch

RM 30 on a chartered run from Hamilton to Mission Bush and return, seen here crossing Heights Road on the second trip of the day. The railcar was charted for the weekend by the Railway Enthusiasts Society, with two trips to Kinleith scheduled for the following day. Shortly after RM 30 passes through, DL 9452 passes through the other way with train 142R

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Railway Enthusiasts Society, Silver Fern railcar RM 30 was chartered for a short jaunt from Auckland to Huntly via Glenbrook, with a side trip to Victoria Ave included hauled by DBR 1295. At Huntly, a celebratory cake was cut as part of the ceremonies

DL 9158 leads train 138 across Heights Road near Pukekohe, en route to the steel mill at Mission Bush, on a clear winter's morning

DBR 1295 and De 507 provided cab rides from Victoria Ave to Fernleigh, put on for the nearby Steel 'N' Wheels festival in Waiuku. The cab rides were popular and proved worthwhile for the GVR

Mainline Steam's Ja 1275 ran a number of shuttle trains from Whangarei to Portland and Kauri over Easter 2018, for the Big Steam event over the holiday. The train was run by Glenbrook Vintage Railway using their mainline fleet, with the services proving very popular with locals

DBR 1295 appeared at the biannual Day Out with Thomas weekend at Glenbrook Vintage Railway, appearing in a new livery. A steam train (hauled by Ja 1275) and a diesel train ran over the line to Fernleigh during the weekend

Six ex-Auckland SA carriages moved from Taumarunui to Palmerston North on 17 February 2018, and onto Wellington the following day. DL 9498 moved the carriages as train B55 from Taumarunui. The carriages are off to Hutt to be cleaned up and refurbished for a tourist train

A selection of freight trains on Waitangi Day 2018 - DL 9204 on train 138, DL 9233 on train 141R, DL 9112 on train MP2 and DC 4323 on train 192

Three trains in the Tauranga area on 12 and 13 January 2018. DL 9331 on train 354, DL 9279 on train MP5 and DL 9233 on train 483 all feature

DFB 7023 and DFB 7199 lead train 200, the Christmas Eve Northern Explorer, into Papakura station. Due to a recent spate of breakdowns of DFBs on Wairarapa Line trains, all of those trains and the Northern Explorer are double-headed as an immediate solution

The northbound Sunday daytime freight service, train 240, seen at Waiouru and crossing Makatote Viaduct, with EF 30226 and EF 30134 on the head

Making their first run as heritage locomotives, DBR 1254 and DBR 1295 made an appearance at the GVR, on an RES members only train. DBR 1295 was not performing well so was placed on the turntable at Glenbrook, leaving DBR 1254 to head the train on its own. Several photo runs were made during the day, to show off the GVR's new locomotives to members

Glenbrook Vintage Railway's latest acquisitions, DBR 1254 and DBR 1295, head north on train 234S, with DL 9141 and DFB 7267 hauling the 47-total train. DL 9141 and the two DBRs had left Hutt Workshops the previous day, with the DL just out after accident damage

Glenbrook Vintage Railway celebrated their 40th anniversary over Labour weekend of 2017, with the Mallet joining in on the celebrations. A recreation of the original opening weekend was staged, with the Mallet propelled by Ww 644 through the ribbon at Glenbrook, with De 507 on the back of the train

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