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Auckland Freights

Updated 1 day ago

Freight trains around the Auckland region

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Miscellaneous and Happenings

Updated 1 day ago

Photos that don't really belong in any other gallery

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Holiday Bay Trains

Updated on 29 December 2020

Freight services over the 2020/21 holiday period in the Bay of Plenty

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Christmas Lights - Trains at Night

Updated on 13 December 2020

Glenbrook Vintage Railway lights up the night again with Christmas lights and night-time running. Sponsored by Counties Power

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City Rail Link construction

Updated on 6 December 2020

Following the construction of the City Rail Link between Britomart and Mt Eden, from enabling works to project completion

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Martinus Exports

Updated on 31 October 2020

Delivery runs of DCs bound for Martinus in Australia

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Second Generation AM class

Updated on 22 October 2020

The 15 new AM class EMUs in service around Auckland

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Te Huia Delivery

Updated on 10 October 2020

Delivery of the refurbished carriages for the new Te Huia Hamilton to Papakura service

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Wrapped AM Units

Updated on 8 October 2020

AM class EMUs wrapped with artwork roaming the Auckland rail network

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