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Waikato Freights
Waikato Freights Updated 2 days ago
Freight trains from around the Waikato region
Pukekohe Electrification and Upgrades
Pukekohe Electrification and Upgrades Updated 6 days ago
Following the progress of rail upgrades and electrification between Papakura and Pukekohe
Auckland Freights
Auckland Freights Updated 6 days ago
Freight trains around the Auckland region
MOTAT Live Steam Day
MOTAT Live Steam Day Updated on 6 July 2024
A look at trains and trams during MOTAT's monthly live steam day
Miscellaneous and Happenings
Miscellaneous and Happenings Updated on 29 June 2024
Photos that don't really belong in any other gallery
Pukekohe EMU Clearance Testing
Pukekohe EMU Clearance Testing Updated on 17 May 2024
Clearance testing the four stations in the newly electrified section between Papakura and Pukekohe, with GVR's DBR 1254 assisting
Kinleith Freights
Kinleith Freights Updated on 26 April 2024
Following an empty log train to Kinleith then a loaded train back to Waharoa
Wrapped AM Units
Wrapped AM Units Updated on 16 April 2024
AM class EMUs wrapped with artwork roaming the Auckland rail network
City Rail Link construction
City Rail Link construction Updated on 14 March 2024
Following the construction of the City Rail Link between Britomart and Mt Eden, from enabling works to project completion