Currently in use

International Orange

Also known as: Fruit Salad
Introduced: 1978

New Zealand Rail livery. Orange with a white number on the side of the locomotive.

DC 4064 in International Orange
Tranz Rail Blue

Also known as: Cato Blue, Tranz Metro (for passenger carriages)
Introduced: 1995

Introduced by Tranz Rail in 1995. Some locomotives in this livery had the Tranz Rail logo applied over the top of the old New Zealand Rail logo.

DC 4352 in Cato Blue
Tranz Rail Black

Also known as: Bumble Bee
Introduced: 2001

Introduced by Tranz Rail for railway crossing safety campaigns.

DC 4317 in Tranz Rail Black

Introduced: 2002
First introduced when the ADL DMUs were refurbished. Applied to most Auckland suburban diesel rolling stock.

ADL 808 in MAXX livery DC 4415 in MAXX Blue
Toll Rail

Also known as: Corn Cob, Skippy
Introduced: 2004

Introduced when Toll purchased Tranz Rail in 2004. All locomotives in the Toll livery have KiwiRail patches over the Toll logos, and the livery is progressively being replaced with the KiwiRail livery. At present, this livery is only worn by some shunting locomotives.

DC 4594 in Toll livery

Introduced: 2007
Current livery. Used on Wellington's Matangi electric multiple units, as well as refurbished EM 1373 and Wairarapa Connection carriages.

FT 4570 in Metlink livery

Introduced: 2008
Current livery. Introduced after purchase of Toll Rail by the Government in 2008.

DL 9354 in KiwiRail livery
Auckland Transport

Introduced: 2013
Current livery. Auckland Transport's livery as applied to the AM class electric multiple units. Visually, the livery is an evolution of the older MAXX livery used on diesel trains, with a darker shade of blue.

AMA 103 in AT livery

Past liveries

New Zealand Rail

Introduced: 1991
A short lived, dark blue (like MAXX Blue) livery.

DXR 8007 in New Zealand Rail livery

Worn by: all Auckland DMUs, until 2002
No longer used on any DMU in Auckland, this livery was used on the ADK and ADL DMUs during their time in Perth, and then in Auckland up to 2002-2004.

ADB 778 in Transperth livery
Midland Red

Notable locomotives: DM 556
Introduced: 1920s

Used by the DM electric multiple units for most of their lifetime. Some preserved DMs are still in Midland Red.

DM 556 in Midland Red livery
Kiwi Lager

Worn by: DC 4093 (now in MAXX livery)
Used for the Kiwi Lager Express train, which didn't last very long. This livery can now only be seen in a Microsoft Train Simulator addon.

DC 4093 in Kiwi Lager livery
New Zealand Government Railways

Worn by: all diesel and electric locomotives up to the introduction of International Orange
Introduced: 1950s

This red livery can still be seen on some preserved locomotives, for example the DAs.

DA 1429 in New Zealand Govt. Rail livery
Clockwork Orange

Also known as: Popsicle, Tropical
Worn by: all DXs

Livery first used on DX class locomotives before TMS was introduced.

DX 2626 in Clockwork Orange
Flying Tomato

Worn by: some DFs and DCs
A simpler version of the International Orange livery.

Tasman Forestry

Worn by: DC 4346, DF 6133
A brown livery with the Tasman Forestry logo on the long hood.

Images marked with an asterisk are release under the GNU Free Document Licence v1.3. Image of ADB 778 in Transperth livery taken by James Pole. Image of DM 556 in Midland Red came from Photo of DC 4093 in Kiwi Lager livery by Michael Tolich, used with permission. DX 2626 in Clockwork Orange came from and allows for public use of images.