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DL 9613 briefly stops before coupling onto the plough van

14 February 2021

Now departing Pukekohe, DL 9613 brings the empty work train home

14 February 2021

Seen from Cape Hill Road, ADL 805 runs a Pukekohe shuttle service towards Pukekohe. The line is the last to be affected by the urgent track replacement programme; all other lines north of Papakura are now running at normal speeds

1 March 2021

DFB 7077 sits at Papakura shortly before departure to Frankton on a test run. The Te Huia services have been doing trial runs close to the actual timetable in recent weeks

24 March 2021

Over Easter weekend at Pukekohe, the old footbridge at the southern end of the station was removed. This bridge provided access to the western side of the station before the current bridge was installed

3 April 2021

A crane prepares to lift the middle section of the bridge onto a truck. The bridge was originally built as a temporary structure, and is being removed to make way for redevelopment of Pukekohe station for electrification

3 April 2021

Workers in cherry pickers attach strops to the bridge

3 April 2021

Later in the day, the centre section of the bridge sits on a truck waiting to be taken away

3 April 2021

As rain sets in for the evening, DFB 7077 leads empty train 103 through Papatoetoe to Papakura, where passengers are picked up

20 April 2021

DFB 7295 leads train 102, the second morning Te Huia service, into Papakura. The service is quite possibly the most punctional rail service in the country, seen here arriving 5 minutes ahead of schedule, a frequent occurence

6 May 2021

DFB 7295 leads the four-car train into Papakura ahead of schedule

6 May 2021

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