Last Year of the ADLs

The final year of service for the ADL class before Pukekohe services are suspended for electrification
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Sitting at Pukekohe station, ADL 801 waits to depart for Papakura on a "peak" shuttle service. At present, services are running to the weekend timetable every day due to Alert Level 3

11 November 2021

Next to Pukekohe station, construction work for the station upgrade has commenced. The loop and approach tracks for the stabling yard at the north end have been lifted for formation works and the addition of a third platform

11 November 2021

ADL 801 departs Pukekohe passing what's left of the loop

11 November 2021

Passing through Papakura empty, ADL 806 heads towards Otahuhu from Pukekohe for servicing

9 December 2021

Heading out of Pukekohe, ADL 801 runs a late morning shuttle towards Papakura. The train is passing a newly constructed access road for electrification, which will eventually replace the ADL class

15 December 2021

On the last day of the full calendar year of the shuttle operation, ADL 802 departs Papakura for Pukekohe on an afternoon service. From Christmas Day, buses are replaced by trains until early January, and the shuttle services will cease service in September 2022 until electrification

24 December 2021

Pulling into Pukekohe station, ADL 805 arrives with a shuttle service, passing the tail end of train MP4

14 February 2022

ADL 805 pulls into the southbound platform at Pukekohe after waiting for train 101 to clear the section ahead

14 February 2022

The tail end of train MP4 passes by as ADL 805 enters the platform

14 February 2022

ADL 805 passes over the temporary track layout at Pukekohe as it enters the southbound platform

14 February 2022

ADL 802 departs Papakura and passes under Onslow Road on a shuttle run to Pukekohe. Due to staff shortages because of the Omicron outbreak, services are running to the weekend timetable all week

17 March 2022

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