DFT 7064 moving some boxcars back at Westfield.

ADL 807 and ADL 810 at the former Newmarket West station

DXR 8007 in its new KiwiRail livery heads south on MP13 through Papatoetoe

DFT 7282 (which stalks me) and DFT 7064 on train 243 through Papatoetoe.

SD 3199 arriving at Newmarket, rounding the Newmarket triangle n that train, passing the Avondale station construction site and the train twice at Swanson

Westfield Yard and Otahuhu station from a passing train (ADL 809)

Trains in the New Lynn rail trench, starting with a train journey through the trench stopping at the new station

DXR 8022 on MP12, and DC 4300 on the southbound Overlander yesterday morning. These were the last videos I was able to get onto my computer before the camera was stolen

Train 235 leaving Westfield, plus some ADLs, and 235 (with DFT 7282, DFT 7049 and DFB 7173) at Takanini

What taking the train from Takanini to Papakura looks like

Rail action around Manurewa, including DC 4317 on train 230 towards Westfield

DXR 8022 on train MP3, plus other trains around Takanini Station, including DCP 4605. (Despite what the number said, MP3 was not playing music as it went past.)

Tour of the new Newmarket Station, a bit shaky at times as I had to film discretely to avoid the security guards

DFM 7322, on train 227

Pacing the Goldfields Railway train

DBR 1226 and DFT 7049 on train 180, which ran about 20 minutes late

Trains on the Eastern Line on its first full day of operation for 2010 after a one week shutdown

Trains around Takanini and Papakura. Filmed form Walters Rd in Takanini to the Settlement Rd underbridge just south of Papakura Station

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