DA 1431 hauls the NIMT Scenic Delight excursion from Paekakariki to Glenbrook, run by Steam Inc. The consist was bring positioned for a Christchurch Press charter later in the week. Trains 240 and 200 both overtake DA 1431, at Marton and Taihape respectively

After being repainted in April 2016 from MAXX into KiwiRail livery, DC 4444 finally returns to Auckland. Here, it leads trains 166 and 197 from Wiri to Auckland Port and then to Westfield

Former MAXX locomotive DC 4951 shunts the dairy factories at Hautapu and Waitoa, seen here both light and with wagons. The shunt brings wagons from the factories, as well as Morrinsville, to Te Rapa. The line to Hautapu is the remains of the former branch line to Cambridge, while the line to Waitoa is a stub left over from the old ECMT, later the Thames Branch

Train 390 (Palmerston North - Tauranga) pulls into Te Rapa yard to change from EF class locomotives to diesel locomotives for the run to Tauranga. EF 30059 and EF 30226 lead the train into Hamilton on the NIMT, then DL 9072 brings the train (now running the opposite way) through Eureka on the ECMT. Recently, KiwiRail announced that the EF class will be withdrawn within 3 years, bringing an end to electrification on the NIMT. The DL class will be their likely replacement

On its final weekend before leaving service for an eventual overhaul, Ja 1250 is seen hauling the regular day's services at the Glenbrook Vintage Railway on 29 January 2017. On the same day, it and Ww 644 attended the opening ceremonies for the new turntable at Glenbrook station, with Ww 644 officially becoming the first locomotive to be turned

DL 9210 leads special train C39 through Te Kauwhata, en route from Mission Bush to Mt Maunganui

DL 9066 leads train 483 through Tirau, on Christmas Day Observed (Tuesday 27 December 2016). The loaded train is heading for Mt Maunganui, and is one of several trains still running over the holiday period

DC 4939, DC 4571 and DC 4260 bring the port shunt over the hill and down into Ellerslie, with a completely empty rake of wagons. The shunts were sent via Newmarket during the weekend of 19/20 November 2016 due to work on the NIMT north of Otahuhu, and an extra DC was added to cope with the grades (with a loaded train)

One of a handful of locomotives to escape Wairarapa Line service so far, DFB 7160 heads train 200 through Whangamarino and Drury. Locomotives used on the Northern Explorer are now required to be fire suppressed, and it appears as if a single pool of locomotives are being used across the Wairarapa and on the Northern Explorer

DFB 7200 leads train 200 wrong line out of Paerata, half an hour before the Block of Line on the Up Main expired. The BOL expiry released a queue of three trains that were waiting at Papakura and Pukekohe (trains MP9, 334S and 235) that were held up by train 200 running wrong line in the section. The three freight trains passed through Drury in the space of 8 minutes

With Silver Fern railcar RM 30 tacked on the back, DL 9072 and DL 9204 lead train 243 across Sutton Road at Drury, heading south towards Wellington. The train serves as the weekend overnight service, departing Saturday evening and arriving in Wellington on Sunday morning

ADL 806 passes across Opaheke Road northbound on a shuttle run from Pukekohe to Papakura, followed seconds later by DL 9095 and DL 9515 leading dead DXB 5074 and train 235

DC 4594 and DBR 1267 lead Saturday special freight service A25 down the grade through Ellerslie, with empty log wagons on the rear of the train

DC 4594 and DC 4939 made an incident-free trip on L22D on 30 August 2016, dropping off empty wagons at Otiria and returning south to Whangarei with loaded four wheel wagons. The train also picked up wagons from the Kauri dairy factory on its journey south

DCP 4790 and DC 4916 lead train L22C and L22D on 29 August 2016, with containers heading to the dairy factory at Kauri, empty four wheel wagons bound for Otiria and loaded log wagons heading back to Whangarei. DC 4916 later failed on the southbound trip, requiring assistance from L1. L1's locomotives, DBR 1267, DCP 4663 and DC 4565, lead the train south from Maromaku with DCP 4790 also in power

Suburban trains around the Sarawia Street level crossing in Newmarket. The crossing is scheduled to be removed in the near future once AT build an overpass from the next street over. Although the crossing has low road traffic levels and is not unsafe, this is the busiest level crossing in New Zealand by rail movements and presents challenges to operations at Newmarket

The third and final batch of SAs return from Mt Maunganui to Taumarunui, behind DL 9008. The carriages were running as train B79 from Hamilton to Taumarunui.

Glenbrook Steel Mill's Niigata shunt locomotive on the move from Mission Bush to Otahuhu, towed by DCP 4790. The shunt ran as train L9P

DL 9348 leads dead DL 9452 and train MH9 through Tuakau, the first MHx series train to run (with MH3 earlier in the day being cancelled). Trains MH3 and MH9 are renumbered from MP3 and MP9, with the trains stopping at Hamilton for CT work

DL 9446 leads a rake of seven SDs and three SAs from Mt Maunganui back to Taumarunui, running as trains C98 and B79. The rumour is that the sale of the SAs has fallen through, and the space is needed at Mt Maunganui

Silver Fern RM 30 on the southern suburban circuit at Penrose, Panmure, Papakura and Remuera on a short excursion from Auckland to Huntly via Mission Bush and return. It was the first time in several years that the Railway Enthusiasts Society had run to the steel mill at Glenbrook

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