An Evening at Paerata

Updated 28 October 2018

Freight and passenger trains through Paerata on a Sunday evening

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Glenbrook's AOs

Updated 8 September 2018

Taking delivery of recently acquired AO class carriages at the Glenbrook Vintage Railway

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RES 60th Anniversary

Updated 14 July 2018

Chartering a Silver Fern railcar from Auckland to Huntly via Glenbrook for the RES 60th anniversary

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Steel 'N' Wheels Cab Rides

Updated 29 April 2018

A short train providing cab rides in DBR 1295 and De 507 for the Steel 'N' Wheels festival

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Big Steam

Updated 2 April 2018

Ja 1275 running a number of shuttles to Portand and Kauri for Big Steam

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DBR at Thomas

Updated 17 March 2018

DBR 1295 appears at GVR's Day Out with Thomas

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SAs Off for Cleanup

Updated 17 February 2018

Six SA carriages stored at Taumarunui head south for refurbishment

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Waitangi Mill Trains

Updated 6 February 2018

Train 138 and 141R during Waitangi Day

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Glenbrook Work Train

Updated 4 February 2018

A pair of DCs visit Glenbrook with a work train

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Weekend in the Bay

Updated 14 January 2018

A few summer scenes from around Tauranga and Mt Maunganui

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DBR Debut

Updated 26 November 2017

The first official outing of GVR's newly acquired DBR class locomotives

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Dora Gets Fire Suppressed

Updated 5 November 2017

Fire suppressed locomotives are now required on the Northern Explorer

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Updated 28 October 2017

Delivering DBR 1254 and DBR 1295 to GVR

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40 Years of GVR

Updated 22 October 2017

Marking the 40th anniversary of the Glenbrook Vintage Railway

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Chasing 126

Updated 19 October 2017

Following train 126 on its journey north from Auckland

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Passchendaele Journey

Updated 14 October 2017

A journey behind Ab 608 from Wellington to Trentham and return, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele

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Metroport to Kiwitahi

Updated 7 October 2017

Following train MP7 from Papakura to Kiwitahi

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Otorohanga Steamfest

Updated 20 August 2017

Otorohanga's Steamfest festival, with Ja 1275 as the main attraction

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Kimihia Branch lifting

Updated 20 August 2017

The lifting of the Kimihia Branch from Huntly to a closed mine

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Rail in the 2017 Election

Updated 6 August 2017

Coverage of rail policies across parties in the 2017 election

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TranzAlpine Journey

Updated 9 July 2017

A winter run over the Midland Line

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