Miscellaneous and Happenings

Updated 3 December 2017

Photos that don't really belong in any other gallery

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Auckland Freights

Updated 1 December 2017

Freight trains around the Auckland region

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DBR Debut

Updated 26 November 2017

The first official outing of GVR's newly acquired DBR class locomotives

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Dora Gets Fire Suppressed

Updated 5 November 2017

Fire suppressed locomotives are now required on the Northern Explorer

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Updated 28 October 2017

Delivering DBR 1254 and DBR 1295 to GVR

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40 Years of GVR

Updated 22 October 2017

Marking the 40th anniversary of the Glenbrook Vintage Railway

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Chasing 126

Updated 19 October 2017

Following train 126 on its journey north from Auckland

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Passchendaele Journey

Updated 14 October 2017

A journey behind Ab 608 from Wellington to Trentham and return, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele

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Metroport to Kiwitahi

Updated 7 October 2017

Following train MP7 from Papakura to Kiwitahi

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Otorohanga Steamfest

Updated 20 August 2017

Otorohanga's Steamfest festival, with Ja 1275 as the main attraction

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Kimihia Branch lifting

Updated 20 August 2017

The lifting of the Kimihia Branch from Huntly to a closed mine

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Rail in the 2017 Election

Updated 6 August 2017

Coverage of rail policies across parties in the 2017 election

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City Rail Link construction

Updated 29 July 2017

Following the construction of the City Rail Link between Britomart and Mt Eden, from enabling works to project completion

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TranzAlpine Journey

Updated 9 July 2017

A winter run over the Midland Line

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NAL Work Train

Updated 24 June 2017

Following a work train on the NAL from Kaipara Flats to Topuni

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Onehunga Branch

Updated 20 May 2017

Trains on the Onehunga Branch one weekend

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Tangiwai Memorial Service

Updated 7 May 2017

A special service to commemorate the actions of driver Charles Parker and fireman Lance Redman during the Tangiwai disaster, and the associated excursion trains

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NIMT Scenic Daylight

Updated 27 March 2017

DA 1431 ventures up the NIMT from Paekakariki to Glenbrook

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Parnell Opens

Updated 12 March 2017

Services stopping at the new Parnell station on its first day of operations

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Westfield Closes

Updated 9 March 2017

Westfield Station's final days before its closure

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MAXX Shunts

Updated 2 February 2017

Shunting in the Waikato with an ex-MAXX DC

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